WIFI at Miller Motorsports Park

OK this has been a little rocky. First, some of the teams have their own private nets set up in the pits and you can glom onto those sometimes.

Otherwise, the Clubhouse has WIFI — free if you are a clubhouse member, $15 a day otherwise!! Nothing is free here at Miller. Once you are past that hurdle, you have to get on. In theory they let any device on and force you to a webpage where you enter a provided password and ID. Worked ok on my iphone. However, simply will not work on my MacBook — I can never get an address from DHCP.

So…I logged on with the iPhone, cloned the settings over on my Mac with a static address setup, switched off WIFI on the iPhone, and turned on WIFI on the MacBook. Tada!

I am betting not many people use the WIFI connection…

UPDATE: works better with Firefox3 RC1. I have to wade thru a bunch of insane invalid cert dialogs but i can get to the web login page on the mac. doesn’t work in safari tho.