Google docs and spreadsheets — nice to see these combined. thankfully they picked up more of the writely interface for presenting your list of available docs, it was always kind of pain to always arrive at a new blank spreadsheet in google spreadsheets, when i normally wanted to open an existing sheet. much easier now. Still desparately want charts in the spreadsheet package.

Link Grab Bag

Grabbag of links

* The blockbuster bestseller is dying. “…the evidence shows we are moving away from a winner-take-all society, not toward it”
* Solar powered flickering candles. Ordered for Halloween
* Great lens guidance from bob and rich. I now know infinitely more.
* Netgear launches powerline 200. Exactly what I need for connecting up the Tivo to the net.
* Quikmaps via iunknown — easy way to markup maps. Nice.
* podcast of ted videos. Subscribed.
* Cellfire mobile coupons via techcrunch. Tried to sign up but doesn’t support the blackberry, darn.
* Some Aspects of aging are out of our control.

Grabbag of links

* Via | Gadgetopia, — online reference for a bunch of different languages. nice.
* Martin points to a great doc on how brazil achieved oil independence
* First 100+megapixel sensorrich here is your next camera.
* Watching electrons go by. Awesome. Also awesome — Flipping a surface from sticky to slippery.
* From Chris Pirillo, inflight USB charger — if you use your video ipod a lot, you need this.
* Bob intros pachydrm.orgopen source drm
* Microsoft starts letting the community rate drivers — great idea.
* Must try Flock again.
* Letting your xbox blog.

Software/service grab bag

  • Using Lala a lot these days! We’re investors, but I do love it.
  • The IETab plugin for firefox is a requirement if you use OWA. Awesome.
  • Trying out google browser sync
  • Carbonite — love the idea and the team is very responsive. They don’t support USB-attached drives for business reasons which is kind of a bummer. But the app does seem to work well.
  • Windows Vista user accounts — probably the only software feature of vista that is a “must have” for me. I run all our machines in user mode today and it is a pain in the ass.

Productivity Apps In the Cloud

A VC: Productivity Apps In The Cloud — “Except all of Microsoft’s editors, including the flagship editor Word, lack the simple functionality of being able to edit and save directly on the web. And as I sit here dreaming about being able to use Google Spreadsheet, that is the one function I want.”

Me too. I use half a dozen machines regularly, i use kiosk machines, I want all my docs everywhere. And I don’t need all the features of high-end office apps. Writely is fine for me, I am sure an online spreadsheet will be good enough too. And I am so tired of installing software on machines.

Software and Service roundup

Recent software/services of note

  • Jon Udell discusses web-based presentation software. S5 continues to intrigue me, if someone ran a hosted S5-like service I think i’d dump powerpoint
  • Mobile Seatguru now available. cool.
  • World of Warcraft the new golf? I kind of doubt it.
  • Jungledisk — using amazon’s s3 as a backup service. way cool.
  • WinSCP — the best FTP client? I’ve been happy with filezilla but..
  • URGE launches — so far it seems reasonable…going to sign up this weekend for a subscription

Web sites of interest

While I’ve been a blogging slacker, a whole bunch of sites and services have arrived that I need to play more with: Pageflakes (build your own startpage)…Amazon S3 (fee-based storage)…Edgeio (tagged listings aggregation)…Vizrea (photos…congrats guys)…Hard to Find 800 NumbersTeleflip (sms via email)…Kayak (flight comparison)…Firebox (gadget retail)…Textbook Revolution (courseware on the web)… (attention data exchange)…Library Thing (book tagging)

Online Backup Inflection Point?

Interesting article at A VC — “So I think online backup is at an inflection point. Consumers are going to be adopting this approach to peace of mind in droves over the next couple years. It will only take one lost photo of a newborn baby or a birthday party to cause “post crash stress syndrome”. Trust me. I know how it feels”.

I really agree with his articulation of the consumer disaster scenario — lost kid photos are going to drive people batty. I am not convinced that datacenter-based service is the right answer. Something like foldershare might be the more economic answer for most people.