Need a fax service for a couple months

I don’t want to sign a long term contract or pay a jillion dollars. A quick scan of options:

* RapidFax. 7.95 a month, 150 pages. 30 day free trial
* efax. 30 day free trial, but 16.95 a month and only 130 pages. and per page overage charges look higher. I guess you need to pay for all their advertising
* Myfax. $10 a month, 30 days free, 100-200 pages included
* faxzero. Free limited sending with ads on cover page, no reception
* Ringcentral. $10 a month, 300 pages included, low price for overage pages
* Annoying hostess started talking to me on the home page, i ran away
* Packetel offers a very cheap receive only service — $3.95 a month. You have to sign up for 3 months at this price so $11.85.
* Smartfax. 6.95 a month, free inbound, 5 cents a page outbound. 30 day free trial

a little confusing. my volume is going to be low. the first month is free from just about everyone. i need to look at cancellation policies a little closer and make sure none of these trap me. rapidfax or smartfax seem like the way to go, tho maybe combining the packetel service with faxzero for outbound might be optimal.

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts
* Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t deal well with
* Generate blogrolls from google reader — need to reinstate my blogroll someday
* See if your windows box has stealth connections to the net — i’m clean
* Use to plan out a color scheme — love color scheme tools
* AnyTV player — tried this one, actually seems to kind of work
* Visual exploration of medical terms — didn’t learn anything new but maybe useful
* Photomatix for HDR photography

Recent software of note

* Remember the Googley Milk — major hole on iphone is lack of a todo list. this is my current favorite replacement. Nice PC UI.
* Flot javascript graphing library. or there is what looks to be a server-side google alternative. Now I am embarrassed I have never put a graph on my site.
* Price Advance. don’t know how well it works but seems worthy of a trial
* Crossloop. Remote screen control plus a peer to peer service to help others. I like the business model thinking.
* Resize any window. Sad that I even understand why I need this.
* Single file defrag. I bet I will need this someday
* Senuti iPod backup
* Ebay Desktop. Kind of nice tho late and really why is this an app and not just a better website?
* Mac disk usage utilities

Recent software/site notes

* Windows Live Writer Beta 2 has shipped ? Bogle’s Blog — Phil likes it. Me, I just can’t wrap my mind around installing a blog editor on the 3 PCs and 1 Mac at home that I use regularly, and the 2 at work, not to mention all the public terminals I use. I want all the features but I want them in a roaming web UI
* Tip for installing itunes on Vista 64-bit — I wonder if this same approach is generalizable to other pieces of software I try to install.
* 3 monitor setup — some good tips here on setup and utilities
* Builtwith. Lets you examine the software installed on a site. Kind of fun
* MT4 final release. Need to bite the bullet.
* Buggy as hell but kind of fun.
* Original historical documents.
* TinyXP. Minimal configs of XP.
* Google Mashup Editor

Software links

* WikiMatrix – Compare them all — lists and compares all the wiki implementations
* Forummatrix — same dealy for forums
* MonkeyGTD — the fusion of wikis and GTD ideas is a strong draw to me. i religiously use my blackberry todo list, i wish it could be richer and embody more GTD functionality
* Pictobrowser flickr viewer. nice way to view a flickr photo album
* WIndows codec installer. Amazingly sad that you need tools like this on windows.
* How to use photoshop to create a mosaic effect
* Bust a name — better way to find domain names
* I never knew the value of CTRL-SHIFT-ESC. ANother sad commentary
* Turok — maybe I will need to get a PS3

Web Service Stuff I Should Learn More About

* Six Apart – Movable Type News – MT4: Time To Give It A Try — you can run a hosted version of MT4 on Amazon’s EC2 service. When my server hardware dies I’ve been intending to move to a hosted service, maybe this is smarter than a traditional hoster…
* I wonder how Yahoo Pipes is doing. Lots of noise when it launched but I haven’t heard so much about recently
* Google subscribed links included in onebox results — lots of stuff I don’t get here.

Recent Software/Services of note

* Amazon S3 storage costs drop “Finally, this illustrates a subtle but important point of using S3. When I buy physical disks at SmugMug, those are sunk costs. They’ll never get cheaper because I’ve already paid for them. At Amazon, though, market forces and changes will cause their pricing model to continue to re-adjust downwards. As disks get cheaper, that $0.15/GB/month fee will drop. And instantly all of your storage magically gets cheaper, no sunk costs to worry about.” — seems like the modern version of the MSFT/Intel bet on Moore’s Law.
* Everybody seems to love this silverlight thing. Will be interesting to take temperature of it again in 3 and 6 months
* Beta of Comic Life — cute but I think I would tire of it.
* Phil keeps on improving Beyond411 — a stud.
* Drag a map around and see where the deals are – this is seriously awesome. Nice work guys! (Ignition is an investor).
* Foxtorrent firefox addon. Haven’t tried yet but seems like a nice idea.
* How to open Vista and Office packages — amazing that the world needs this. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to open the office box.
* Google spreadsheet now with charts — which pretty much flips me over completely to google docs.

Grab bag of software and service notes

* Microsoft Releases FastCGI for IIS | Gadgetopia — once upon a time (3 years ago) I would have been really excited about this. But I am going to certainly switch to a hosted service when my server finally dies so not so exciting anymore.
* Batch upload files to google docs — very helpful
* MyGADs for storing, retrieving factoids — the idea of this really appeals to me tho I can’t say the implementation wowed me.
* Map a list of locations from a google spreadsheet — kind of geeky
* Fontifier to create your own font. But my handwriting sucks.
* Devicelock for securing USB and other ports.
* Chris Pirillo’s recommended screen recorder

Google and copyrights

WhoseTube? Viacom Sues Google Over Video Clips – New York Times — one has to wonder why this is limited to video material. If I am the owner of say the “Ford Mustang” copyright, or “The Who” copyright, or the “Nike” copyright, why do I let Google profit off the search results for these terms? Shouldn’t I demand complete control over the results page and any revenues associated with it? If it was my copyright and I had worked hard to market it, I don’t think I’d understand why Google was allowed to make money off of it.

Stuff I should have blogged a while ago

* Need a new tiny PC for carrying around — OQO 2.0? One of the small Sonys? I don’t need a desktop replacement, just something small for classroom/cafe use. If it is big, I won’t carry it.
* Need to set up an Amazon store. Maybe for Halloween.
* Microsoft Robotics Software — interesting, tho it requires download of so much crap.
* Mic zooming HD cameras.
* The annoying need for notepad paste. I do this and it’s graphic friend “paintbrush paste” all the freaking time.
* How to get slickrun to activate with Windows-R
* Photostamps. Personalized stamps. Another good halloween or xmas idea
* Aboutus. Intriguing.