Oregon Trip.

Oregon Trip. We’re back. Had a great time in Cannon Beach at the Stephanie Inn. And then in Portland for a couple nights. Also drove around a lot and saw a lot of central Oregon — Bend, Redmond, Sisters. Some beautiful territory there.

All while Liz was paddling her way down the Deschutes river with her Outward Bound course. She had a great time, although she struggled thru food poisoning and a day when it was 107 in the shade. But another great outward bound experience.

BTW Oregon has sucky wireless coverage. Blackberry worked in Portland and in a very narrow band around. I was surprised there was no coverage on I-5. And digital cell phones have very limited coverage on the major highways. In central oregon and on the coast, only analog roaming was reliable.

Tucson Trip

Tucson Trip

We had a great trip down to Tucson and Scottsdale last week. It is our so-called “Mid Winter Break” or “Ski Week” — a week off from school in mid February. We get spring break later in April.

We had beautiful weather — approaching 80 each day, but cool at night. C and Liz stayed at Canyon Ranch, John and John at Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort. Canyon Ranch is awesome, “camp for grownups”, but they have an age limit of 14 so we can’t all go there yet.

While the girls were spa-ing, John and John hit all the tourist attractions in Tucson including Old Tucson Studios — fun old west stunt shows, a real hoot.

Everyone is back in school and or work today, 6 weeks to spring break!