Ohio State deserves to lose to USC?

Ohio State deserves to lose to USC? – USC – OCRegister.com — the OC Register columnists and bloggers are pretty inflamatory. Here’s hoping they are crying in their beers Saturday night. On this particular point, Ohio State supports 35 varsity sports. USC supports 19. The revenue from the cupcake games is what provides the funding for the incremental 16 sports. No one is excited about the games, but you have to give Ohio State some credit for the use of the funds

OSU-USC rivalry goes deeper than football

Why not save the schadenfreude for Michigan? The obvious answer, understood by anyone who was around during the 1970s, is that USC broke more OSU hearts than anyone not named Schembechler. Three times during that decade, Ohio State lost a piece of the national championship by losing to the Trojans in the Rose Bowl. The less obvious but still accurate answer is that while OSU vs. Michigan is a border dispute, OSU vs. USC is a clash of cultures.

BuckeyeXtra – The Columbus Dispatch : Rob Oller commentary: OSU-USC rivalry goes deeper than football.

Nice writeup.  No less than the future of the free world is at stake.

OSU v USC, early thoughts

Getting geared up for this game already. A classic for so many reasons.

First of all, a great personal history with the Buckeyes — been at their games since I was a kid, we are alums, my father played for Woody, my grandfather was an alum.

Amd the schools have a great history, particularly in the Rose Bowl. My dad was on the team for the ’55 win and national championship; I remember the great ’69 and ’74 wins, and still suffer from the ’73, ’75, ’80, and ’85 losses. I hated John McKay and his teams.

In this century, Jim Tressel and Pete Carroll have arguably been the best coaches with the best programs, albeit stylistically very differently — Tressel is buttoned-up, a solid midwestern values kind of guy. Pete is a flashy new media loosey-goosey kind of guy, and I have hated him.

So a great early season matchup this year, and particularly so, because a family member will now be attending USC! So I am going to have to cheer for the Trojans in every game except the OSU matchup — that is going to take some getting used to.