Pointing fingers at the president

Hear hear — BuzzMachine… by Jeff JarvisNo, when and if government employees find a threat against America, they should go and with dispatch stomp it out.
The last thing we need is for them to have to go meet with the President. They are and should be empowered by the law to take action.

Not just government employees — it is the job of every citizen to fight for our rights, to build the economy, to defend our country, etc. None of us should sit back and wait for the government to fix every problem out there.

Copying banknotes

Hack the Planet: — The EURion constellation — hmm the new US $20s have this. And I didn’t know that Photoshop and other apps also won’t let you scan and play with currency. I guess this is good tho it is a little surprising/nervewracking that the government has its hands in software and devices without our knowledge.

Kerry's call for energy independence

Kerry’s Call for Energy Independence — i never blog on political issues but this one struck me as just odd. Why all the hoopla over oil? What about electronics independence, or timber, or food, or any other good we happen to import? And do we think more government involvement in the energy market will make it more efficient? And do the numbers even work out, could we realistically and economically ever be energy independent? I just think this is a weird platform plank to pin your hopes on. It may be a good thing to do but it has no emotional resonance with me.

My Chevy Avalanche

Rael hates the large pickups on the road and points to stats published by the NYTimes about their impact on others in collisions. I don’t love the system we have on our highways, but as long as there are large trucks and pickups on the highway, I personally am not going to put my family at a big mass disadvantage. I’d love it if we all rode bikes everywhere in our society but we don’t.

SUV Owners Fight Back

S.U.V. Owners Fight Back — We drive SUVs in large part because we want the laws governing momentum to play out in our favor in an accident — delta-V is a bad thing for your body. I don’t love having all these big vehicles on the road but I am not going to unilaterally compromise my family’s safety to support a principle. Now I would love to see us as a society remove big heavy vehicles, including semi-trucks, from passenger vehicle roadways, but I am not holding my breath.