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Stuff I Want But Don't Need — unlikely to buy any of these

* Pizza pizza. – Core77 – awesome looking pizza maker. I make pizzas at home about once a decade so probably not a smart buy, would end up in the countertop appliance graveyard along with the breadmaker etc.
* pick chair folds flat and hangs on wall, looks awesome. Hopefully it actually works as a chair too.
* ExpandOS packing material. Hate styrofoam peanuts, love recyclable packing materials
* Miracle tablets turn sour tastes sweet. This just seems wrong
* Robopong table tennis opponent. Kind of a sad statement.
* Weight-sensitive floor lights up. Awesome, in the age of green awareness, now we can embed all kinds of computational power and lights into our flooring.
* A $1200 moosehead wall lamp. I’m surprised I don’t have one already.