Home media server

Now that I have a PS3 I want to serve up photos etc to it. Trying to decide between all the choices out there:

* Google’s new media server
* Free Media Player Streams iTunes, Syncs Content, Converts Video for iPod, PSP and Xbox 360 – SimpleCenter
* WMP 11 of course
* One man’s guide to all the choices out there
* Eyeconnect seems to be liked on the Mac
* or Mediatomb

I have a TON of photos and I need something that will perform well, not clear which of these is the way to go. Time to start experimenting I gues

Replacing my DVD player with a PS3

Spent the morning hooking up my birthday present — a PS3. Replacing my DVD player.

One major bummer is the PS3’s use of bluetooth for remote. While I appreciate an RF solution versus an IR solution, as the PS3 boards note, no universal remote will currently work with the PS3. So sigh, I have to keep yet another remote around. Bummer.

Also my AV receiver is a few years old and doesn’t support HDMI and so I have to use RGB + Digital Audio connectors. My AV receiver is in a tight cabinet and so I have to work largely blind plugging cables in, this was painful. HDMI would be nice for reduction of cables.