OSU 20, Wisconsin 17

Whew. TP looked like all-world at some points, and like a freshman at others. Beanie looked awesome. The receiving corps seems to be struggling to figure out how to work with Pryor and vice versa. Hard-hitting game, I think I counted 4 guys out with concussions or near concussions.

And now look how the next 3 weeks set up in the conference. Penn State, MSU, and OSU are atop the conference with 2-0 records. Penn State is at Wisconsin, then hosts Michigan, then at Ohio State. Michigan State is at Northwestern (who is 4th in the standings), then hosts Ohio State, then to Michigan. Ohio State hosts Purdue, then at Michigan State, then hosts Penn State. The race will probably be a lot clearer by the end of the month.

Is Somebody Out To Get Us?

» Is Somebody Out To Get Us? Dotting The “I”: The Student Perspective on The Ohio State University Athletics. The short answer: yes. The voters are not going to put OSU into the title game after three straight national stage face plants. The only way a 1-loss OSU gets there is if nearly everybody else has two losses. Realistically OSU’s best outcome this season is the Rose Bowl or a BCS at-large pick. In that game they will have the opportunity to set the table for next year.

OSU 43, Youngstown State 0

A solid opening for the season, though just reinforced that we should never ever schedule FCS opponents, there is just no upside. My pregame pick was 44-0 so not feeling too bad.

* At the QB position, Boeckman looked efficient tho at times continues to underthrow the receiver — are the coaches really encouraging him to do this? Against tougher opponents this just seems dumb. Pryor looked great on runs and short passes — he can zip the ball. Not there yet on longer passes and at times made poor decisions to run under pressure. But clearly a talent.
* Beanie, beanie, beanie. Honestly, why was he still playing at the time of his injury? The highest paid coach in the Big 10 should have had him out once he hit 100 yards. Hopefully it is just a sprain. The backup running backs played well.
* Nice to see a shutout, nothing else would have served against this opponent
* Nice to see some kicking practice

Upwards and onwards.