!>http://jhludwig.smugmug.com/photos/326309800_TAsa6-Ti.jpg!:http://jhludwig.smugmug.com/photos/326309800_TAsa6-X3.jpg first time I’ve ever seen an owl in nature. Apparently a juvenile barred owl. Very curious about us.

Ignition blog posts of note (or related blog content)

* Awesome Local Deals Content in Seattle & Atlanta at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak — Rahul talks about latest Judy’s Book release — the content is starting to vastly improve…
* Phil’s Blackberry app gets some good press coverage\
* The opportunity for Network Magic — home networks are just way too frickin’ complicated
* Marine forecasts for the San Juans — thanks Rich
* Rich also on how to read charts … I learned all this as a kid on Georgian Bay but a good refresher
* Brett finds the best guide to the west coast trail — good luck brett!

Ignition blog roundup

* Tong Family Blog: Best Seattle Restaurants — I use SeattleWeekly for recos but this is a good list too. Remember when CitySearch nee Sidewalk was actually useful for restaurant reviews?
* Lala’s music streaming plans get covered in TechCrunch
* Phil keeps knocking out Beyond411 features. And the app hasn’t bloated!
* Rich offers guidance on indoor sports photo lenses. I was super happy with my setup for lacrosse this spring but I will need to do something for basketball.
* Rich’s guidance on media players. VLC has saved my ass as well.

interesting links

* CrunchGear ? Blog Archive ? Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles — these tivoli products seem way cool.
* 181 things to do on the moon — why to go back
* nanotext to fight counterfeiters — kind of cool, but how does the clerk at the 7-11 check for nanotext?
* Are You Watching This? — what is hot in sports tv right now
* Ignite Seattle — Hey I think Ignition should be an honorary sponsor
* Mapping Books — i love anything that is bookish
* wikicalc goes 1.0 — must try this
* the time fountain — i love stop-action photography
* Folded lens — simple yet awesome

Awesome weekend on Lopez

We had a great weekend. Some people that made it possible:

* Paraclete Charter Service – Your charter and ferry service to the San Juan Islands, Washington
* Everyone at Greene Partners — great job on our place. Just a great design at every level that really worked for us, and super people who helped us with so much more.
* Jennifer Randall & Associates — also a great job on our place. Everything from broad schemes to little details were just awesome, and again great people.
* Ravenhill Construction — also a great job on our place. The workmanship, fit and finish were all great.
* On-Site Island Services — super job getting everything ready
* Vita’s — awesome takeout and a nice wine recommendation
* Alwyn at Rhythm Auto Repair — provided us with wheels, very appreciated.

Can’t wait to get back.