CDs and streaming audio. Very interesting digital sound players — rack mounted, solid state media, amps built in — Welcome to Gilderfluke. Here is one person’s reco for mixer/dist setup Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness Messages :Message 295 of 597. Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness Messages :Message 298 of 597

As for other sound, I really like the Eletech boards. They take a compact flash card, so programming is done in wave files on your PC and downloaded to the card. Then it is placed in the board. The boards have built-in amplifiers. I ran my opening room using a Gilderfluke MiniBrick-8 and a stereo Eletech board. It puts out 40 watts a side at 4 ohms. I ran the output to two 8 ohm speakers in parallel and got plenty of sound to fill the room. And the quality is 16-bit 44khz, so you’d have a hard time coming up with anything clearer.

The White Stripes

The White Stripes. Saw them at the Moore last night. Wow. Jack has amazing stage presence. And is just a fun guitarist. This band is headed up. For those of you who live near Detroit, make sure you catch them for a hometown show, I bet that would be fun. Their recordings are so sparse, they sound very similar live.

I was about 24 years older than the mean age of the crowd and I am pretty sure the only person with a blackberry in the crowd, blogging my notes about the concert.

I obviously missed the red hair dye memo. Good thing I have that earring — I am pretty sure you couldn’t get in without at least one piercing.

The opening act was a raw trio from grand rapids. All I can say is they were earnest. The second act was the well bred boys, acceptable pop/rock.

But blown away by the White Stripes. Great American flag backdrop. Jack all in red, Meg in red and white. Played nearly all the songs from their latest cd and a few new pieces. Not much from the older catalog. Meg sang on one song. Jack had some brutal guitar efforts.

Words for us all from the White Stripes:

“Well you’re in your little room/ And you’re working on something good/ But if it’s really good/ You’re gonna need a bigger room/ And when you’re in the bigger room/ You might not know what to do/ You might have to think of/ How you got started/ Sitting in your little room.” — “Little Room”

CD Collection

CD Collection. Finally finished ripping my entire cd collection (about 1000 discs) to my server. 96k, wma encoding, and I convert to mp3 for appliances as necessary.

Great to be done. Has been a background task for the last month. You can see what I am currently listening to on the left side of the page in the playlist section. I’ve been using windows media player for all my ripping (because it is less buggy than a lot of the tools i have tried and has less ad-ware than products from real) but the web page playlist feature motivated me to switch to winamp for playback.

I’d love to just get rid of all the cds now but I will have to rip these all again in 5 years or so when my hard disks are big enough to handle lossless uncompressed storage. So I’ll keep them around for a while.

Audio Gear

Audio Gear I am thinking about getting a panasonic sy-pa100 personal pa system. Replaces about 3 pieces of gear I currently use to practice guitar with — practice amp, drum machine, cd player. it is a little dorky looking but i think it could be cool. oh yeah it replaces a 4th piece of gear, my mixer.