Yahoo, MSFT

Talking Business – Oh Jerry, It’s No Longer Your Baby – — agree with all of this, very glad I am not a yahoo stockholder —

Besides, even if the deal does win federal approval, you’ve chosen to become a pawn of the most dominant company on the Internet. How exactly is that going to lead to a brighter future for Yahoo?

And here is some tough love for MSFT

As a stock, MSFT is done – stick a fork in it. And not just past and present, which has seen the terrible performance mentioned and is the reason, for example, that the QQQQ underweights MSFT in favor of overweighting AAPL and others (despite its mandate to track the index). I mean moving forward. If you want dividends, there are far better plays. And if want equity appreciation instead, make a list of MSFT’s top competitors, throw a dart at it, and invest in whoever you hit.

Lots of interesting views in there. Getting past the GOOG obsession is probably the most important one.

Microsoft Alumni Network renewal?

Apparently it is time to renew my Microsoft Alumni Network membership. $130. The only value I get is employee discounts on software. It is increasingly hard to justify this, there is darn little I want at the store. If I view the $130 as prepay on software, I have to buy a lot to make the savings add up to more than $130. Used to be I had relatives and friends asking for software a lot but that activity has dried up largely.

Logitech g5 mouse and g15 keyboard

To match my new sli pc, i updated to gaming-optimized input devices — the g5 mouse and g15 keyboard. The keyboard is cool — the little lcd display during games is very cool. I’ve seen this keyboard in action for months and finally had to get one. The mouse is also cool — the adjustable weights are awesome — i am running in the heaviest config right now but will see where i end up.

One huge beef tho — the lack of certified drivers. Not that I am anal about certification, it is just that install is a PITA as you have to wade thru a sea of warnings from MSFT that these drivers will make your PC break out in hives. Logitech is a big company, MSFT is a big company, why can’t they get their heads together and get this solved?

Ignition Blog roundup

First a non-Ignition blog, but one that ought to be in all our aggregators:

* Mini Microsoft. A constant fountain of great stuff. Don’t just read the posts, dip into the comments too. Important to read not because of any MSFT obsession or any joy taken in MSFT gossip, but because we face Microsoft daily on the recruiting front and it is smart to know what people are talking about there.

Around ignition blogs, the jobster guys clearly are outposting everyone else:

* Jason with a job for someone affected by Katrina. The jobster guys have done a lot for Katrina victims, this is just one example. Here Phil talks about all the things they are doing.
* Phil on the Jobster technology stack. I wonder how decisions at other companies differ.
* Phil on hiring innovators and nurturing innovation.
* Phil on finding relevant blogs. He is right here — it is easy to find posts today but hard to find blogs on particular topics.
* Rich on tracking ferries via GPS. Love the ferry system.