OSU scholarships for Marion County residents

For about the 10th year now we are providing funding for scholarships for Marion County residents and Marion County high school graduates. We’ve used different mechanisms in the past, but for the last 5-6 years we’ve done this through the OSU financial aid office as need-based scholarships for Marion County residents or Marion Country high school graduates, any high school in the county, attending any OSU campus. If you know someone who is from the Marion area and wants to attend OSU and needs some help, make sure they ask about!

We have a deep and ongoing connection to the Marion area — we had great experiences growing up there. Much of our extended family still live there and we get back for an extended visit once a year. We are blessed with families who encouraged and supported us to get our educations, educations which have meant a lot to us. And we have fond memories of our time at The Ohio State University. So we want to support the community, the university, and the students who need some help.

And the students who have been awarded scholarships so far are just awesome. We met about 10 of the then-current students a couple years ago at an OSU tailgate and they were all so impressive. Big goals, hard working, youthful vigor — it was inspiring to be around them. Just having a lunch with these students was a huge lift for us.

We’ve never been very vocal about our support but in these times of economic challenge, we felt it was important to become a little more vocal. We hope that everyone does what they can to support and encourage the full development of our young students. Some of these young people will go on to create businesses and jobs, lead our communities, enrich our lives through their art, or otherwise make a great contribution to our lives. Having them sidelined because they can’t quite make the economics of college work out, or having them burdened with a mountain of student loan debt — neither of these seem like good outcomes. So we do what we can, and we hope and trust that others do as well.

Marion Ohio — the highlights

  • OHS – Places – Harding Home. Contains almost all the original furnishings of Harding.
  • Harding Tomb — tho we always called it the Harding Memorial. When I was very very young I was skinny enough to slip thru the bars.
  • Other Marion Museums — the Stengel-True Museum, Unuion Station, the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. Wyandot historically produced much of the popping corn in the country…
  • Hence the annual Popcorn Festival
  • The Palace Theatre, a shockingly nice theatre for this size town. Built during Marion’s heydays in the 1920s…
  • Unfortunately there is nothing much to see from Marion’s industrial boom days, but from Wikipedia: “Products of the Marion Steam Shovel Company (later Marion Power Shovel) built the Panama Canal and in the 1960s, NASA contracted with Power Shovel to construct the crawler-transporters that moved the assembled Saturn V rockets, used by Project Apollo, to the launch pad. In 1911, 80% of the nation’s steam shovel and heavy duty earth moving equipment was manufactured in Marion, Ohio.” I worked 3 summers for the Shovel.
  • Nearby towns — Waldo (Home of the G&R, famous for fried balogna sandwiches), LaRue (smallest town ever to have an NFL franchise)