Thinking that intrigues me

* Touchable holography. Uses tracking cameras and directed ultrasound to create interaction and physical sensation. Cool demo.
* Algortihmatic – online library of algorithms and IDE. Cool tho limited.
* The LED’s dark secret. Droop in LED performance to be overcome for broader use.
* Plasmobots — “their previous research has already proved the ability of the mould to have computational abilities”.
* Ford Mike Rowe video. I didn’t realize they automatically tracked every single assembly operations through the tools. Fascinating.
* Brad Feld’s open office hours. An intriguing idea. Commendable.

Spring Coursework

Continuing my educational adventure this spring:

ME 568 Active and Sensing Materials:  Fundamental knowledge of the nano-structure property relations of active and sensing materials, and their devices. Examples of the active and sensing materials are: shape memory alloys (SMAs), ferromagnetic SMAs, ferroelectric, pyroelectric and piezoelectric materials, thermoelectrics, electroactive and conducting polymers, photoactive polymers, photovoltaics, and electrochromic materials.

ME 518 Seminars on Advances in Manufacturing & Management: Current topics and advances made in manufacturing and management. Topics presented by invited speakers from academia and industry. Emphasis on the multidisciplinary nature of manufacturing and management.

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