Halloween Ideas

* mutli-channel player — sned sounds over individual channels of a 5.1 setup. pretty useful for running multiple sounds off a single pc. Also a random tip on this page — “Want a “dead ringer” for Halloween? Run a string from a grave up to a bell mounted on the tombstone!” — I might try this.
* Another random good tip I read — used rotisserie motors make great prop animators
* Electronic Goldmine for random electronic and control supplies
* What to do with an old CRT?? Make it into the world’s heaviest strobe light of course.
* Article on 4-bar linkage design
* Fittings Depot — for pneuma fittings. Awesome.
* Great article on how to use a Shiatsu massager as the basis of a prop.
* EFX-tek prop controllers.

Halloween Props

Thanks to methodzofmadness forums where most of these ideas are traded.

Halloween Gear

Latest links culled mostly from the MoM Forum

* Simple Dimmer. Lots of other kits and components here too.
* Simple prop controllers and some nice application notes like this skull idea (zipped pdf)
* I’m sure I’ve blogged this before, the hauntmaster controller — “The Flex ECT is an externally triggered, dual timer that is connected between a sensor (switch) and the electrically operated event device as shown in the diagram to the right”
* Plans to build your own event control timer.
* A range of LED fixtures and drivers. Seems like all halloween lighting should move to LED over time?
* Some hints in here on silencing pneumatic solenoids — the exhaust noise doesn’t really bother me but maybe I will want to do this some day.
* Some very basic intro guides to haunt lighting
* Lighting control units. These look like overkill to me, better for Christmas applications.


Well this is news to me. Read on the MOM group today — quinine water or tonic water will glow when exposed to a blacklight! and the diet versions are not sticky. For use in lab setups, etc. A very short explanation here.