Stuff I Want But Don't Need — Leg Lamp edition

Remember the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story?

* USB Aroma Diffuser/Hub/Moodlight — good to see that the tech industry inventive spirit remains alive, with products like this the US economy will remain a juggernaut for years to come.
* Paperclip Lamp. I bet it breaks if you adjust it too many times.
* GSelect. A whole site of overdesigned stuff that I should probably avoid.
* Infinite Attic. To store all the crap I shouldn’t have bought. Sadly I could really use this…

Stuff I Want But Don't Need — Themeless

* Solar Camping Lantern — I remember the old coleman lanterns using white gas, the pumping, the mantles. What a pain in the a$%. This looks way simpler.
* King Cobra wristwatch — awesome looking. Tho I have completely given up on wristwatches.
* Carabiners make everything better. So true.
* Denture ice cubes. Seriously awesome.
* Resistor cheat sticker. I can never remember how to speak resistor.
* Antitheft lunch bags — brilliant.
* Woven wood chairs. Beautiful. Probably uncomfortable as hell.

Halloween ideas — green fire, rope lights, DMX, floor plan software

* How To Make bright green fire | Wonder How To — cool looking, i wonder how toxic this is
* Cheap ambient lighting with rope lights. Cool idea, my mausoleum could use this
* simple DMX controller. I went away from DMX as most of my effects are outside, and water doesn’t mix with dmx cabling, but maybe there is a way to rework my system — after all i basically moved all control electronics into the garage last year and just ran power cables out.
* Planningwiz floor plan software — i use a plan to layout all my halloween plans, this might be a simpler tool