Link cleanup

A bag of stuff I’ve read recently that was compelling:

* “Coffee as economic health indicator”: Yay Seattle! Contrast with…
* “World Class Orchestras”:
* “McKean’s Inversion”: Whatever you publicly espouse to be — you probably aren’t.
* “Wicked Problems”:
* “A one page explanation of the Higgs boson”:
* On the lighter side, “Bacon Ipsum”:

Daily amusements — tilt shift, 6502, glass speakers, carlashes

* “Tilt-shift Van Gogh”: via “Scalzi”: Because tilt-shift makes everything better.
* “6502 simulated in javascript”: via “adafruit”: Freaking awesome, my first significant personal coding was on a 6502 (Apple ][), I wish I still had the code so I could test it out.
* “Glass speakers”: Outrageously expensive but oh my gosh cool.
* “Carlashes”: To be surreptitiously applied to your sibling’s car.