Ohio Hiking Trail resources

Been digging around a bit for more trail resources. Came across some useful sites. A lot of these are primarily bike trails over old rail and canal ROWs but still pretty interesting:

* “The DNR”:http://ohiodnr.com/?TabId=11915 summarizes trails across all state properties, including length and difficulty. Helpful because trail length does not correlate with park size at all. The list is organize by county, so here is a “county map”:http://www.dot.state.oh.us/MAPS/Pages/CountyMap.aspx just in case you’ve forgotten the 88 counties and their county seats (which I had to memorize in 5th? grade)
* “Buckeye Trail”:http://www.buckeyetrail.org/map-n-sections.html. A walking trail around the state, a lot of it on parkland, some on roads. Interesting and might be a fun way to see some stuff.
* “North Country Trail”:http://www.northcountrytrail.org/explore/ex_oh/oh.htm. A trail through the state, connecting with neighboring states. Overlaps the Buckeye Trail but has some different elements.
* “Miami Valley Trails Org”:http://www.miamivalleytrails.org/Interactive-Maps.htm. Nice interactive map of all the trails in southwestern Ohio.

Great things about Central Ohio — Part 3

OK Central Ohio doesn’t have a lot of huge national forests or national parks, and so at first I thought hiking opportunities were constrained.

But now I’ve stumbled across all these “state nature preserves”:http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/tabid/860/Default.aspx and some of them are pretty darned big — plenty of ~100 acre preserves, and some huge ones — Blackhand Gorge at 956 acres, Cedar Bog at 427 acres, Lawrence Woods at 1035 acres! I’ve yet to visit any of these but I will get out to at least one in the next week.

Getting US Citizens Out Of Trouble

Journalists Rejoin Relieved Friends, Family in U.S. – washingtonpost.com — it is awesome that these folks have been freed, and it is generally a good thing that we have found a way to talk to North Korea and have a success at something, here’s hoping that this event will contribute to calmer relations with the country.

But as a country we have expended a lot of dollars and diplomatic chips to get these folks free. I hope that we present the folks with a big bill for services rendered — if you go poking around in dangerous places in the world (like these folks, who goes hiking in Iraq/Iran for gosh sakes, was that really the only place you could think of to go hiking??), you should not expect that all the other taxpayers in the country are going to carry the cost of rescuing you. Yes we will rescue you, but there will be a reckoning for services rendered.