Stuff I Want But Do Not Need — grab bag

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Arbortech Power Chisel — who doesn’t need one? Awesome for Halloween sculpting. Of course my sculpting skills suck, and adding power to them is not likely to help.
* Salubrion Enso Clock — because it looks cool
* More SSD options available…tipping point coming…going to be stupid to buy rotating hard disks soon…
* Temporary todo list tatoo for your hand — I don’t think I’ve written my todo list on my hand since about 9th grade, but the day may come again
* Kaossilator — I’m a fool for small music devices
* Gadget gas station. To charge up the cell phone, kaossilator, kindle, ds, ipod, and every other piece of crap i travel with now

Halloween postmortem

Another great Halloween. Hundreds and hundreds of visitors. Awesome weather.

A few notes for myself:

* Pneumatics failed. Compressed died. Why? I don’t think it was just an untimely compressor failure. I think there was some overload condition created by my load.
* I placed one skeleton over a blue yard uplight just randomly. It looked awesome! I should uplight all skeletons in blue next year.
* More i-zombie lightning controllers! Lightning is always popular
* More fcgs! I have a couple windows that would be great. Also Kurt recommended illuminating with a moving blacklight on a panning fan base.

Vortex Tunnel

Too late for this year but maybe next — Eric recommends this — Laser Widow laser light show is battery powered and lights up the room with a cool home laser light show. – Disco Dj Party Lights Lasers — his notes: “These projectors usually come with preset or sound-triggered patterns (stars / circles / lissajous, etc.) which they generate by bouncing the beam off of two tiny, rapidly spinning mirrors. I turn the sound activation off, then fiddle with the controls until I get a fixed- or pulsating-diameter oval. I mount the projector about five feet above the ground and aim it down our long driveway. With even a moderate bit of fog I get a great looking oval tunnel that’s at least 50 feet long — as victims approach via the driveway, their heads are right in the middle of the tunnel for quite a distance. (Getting the beam in someone’s eyes is not really a concern since it’s moving so rapidly.) The effect of the fog being “cross-sectioned” by the beam is quite something.”

Halloween Status

Dry run last night:

* Foggers in good shape. Large fogger ran fine on about a 12.5% duty cycle, will crank up by Halloween night. 3 point foggers (Cujo’s doghouse, mausoleum, tree) all worked fine. Will need to check fog fluid levels.
* Sound systems all operational. Thunder and lightning sounds good, Mausoleum sounds good, Courtyard good, Tree good. Main entrance good. Doghouse levels seem a little off.
* lighting all good. Lightning, spots, uv spots all operational. Added LED eyes to skeletons today
* major props all functional. active props all working — tree, crate, FCG. Static props all holding together.

Good to go!