It’s not too early to start thinking about Father’s Day

I don’t need or want any of this stuff actually but am drawn to all of it…

* “Car map light”: Ok who looks at maps anymore, but this is nicely designed!
* “Multimeter Clock”: Love the reuse of old tech here. Wish I had the skill/vision to create things like this.
* “Carol Kipling Plates”: Love the platter but $2800 is steep…
* “14 wheel skateboard”: so I can suck at skateboarding 3.5 times as much.
* “Tourbillon vase”: — awesome organic-looking glass.
* “Urban Balance Wave Hammock”: — can this possibly be stable? But cool.
* “Designer Scrabble”: I love board games and I love nicely crafted items. I have a great cribbage board, would love to buy great boards for other games — Catan, TIcket to Ride, etc.
* “LaserPegs”: Lasers make everything better, including construction blocks.
* “Freesia Book Stands”: — these look awesome, seems like a great item to have.
* “Chemically Accurate Crayons”: OK these are just labels you stick on crayons you buy, so kind of dorky, but I love the idea. “Could you please pass me the Yttrium Oxide crayon”?

Awesomely cool household items I want but can’t really justify

* “Magimix Vision Toaster”: Our current toaster works just fine but this one just looks so awesome.
* “Wood Alarm Clock”: I hate your typical alarm clock, this is pretty atypical.
* “Magisso Cake Server”: Don’t make that many cakes but this is a reason to start.
* “Shattered Glass Table”: is awesome looking. Sign me up.
* “Suitcase Chairs”: Don’t love this color but love the idea.
* “Found lumber staircase”: There is something about this I love.
* “Canisters”: Ok what I really want is the indestructible French press mentioned.
* “Glass pendant lamp”: Dust will make me regret this but it looks awesome
* “Canvas Clock”: I think everyone else in the household might barf on this one.
* “Flask salt/pepper shakers”: No idea if functional, but nice looking.