Awesomely cool household items I want but can’t really justify

* “Magimix Vision Toaster”: Our current toaster works just fine but this one just looks so awesome.
* “Wood Alarm Clock”: I hate your typical alarm clock, this is pretty atypical.
* “Magisso Cake Server”: Don’t make that many cakes but this is a reason to start.
* “Shattered Glass Table”: is awesome looking. Sign me up.
* “Suitcase Chairs”: Don’t love this color but love the idea.
* “Found lumber staircase”: There is something about this I love.
* “Canisters”: Ok what I really want is the indestructible French press mentioned.
* “Glass pendant lamp”: Dust will make me regret this but it looks awesome
* “Canvas Clock”: I think everyone else in the household might barf on this one.
* “Flask salt/pepper shakers”: No idea if functional, but nice looking.

Stuff I Want but do not need — Mostly wood and furniture edition

Flash is the worst web technology ever

We are planning some remodelling and trying to exchange ideas with our designers. I know that the people who design websites for all the furniture industry mean well, and their sites look cool, but they are usability disasters. there is no way to send links back and forth to items we like because all the content is embedded deep in flash animations. KraftMaid Cabinetry, IKEA are great examples — we find a set of cabinets we like, and we have to tell our collaborators to go search for the item themselves. oh and of course there is no search function.

If searchable, linkable, plain old HTML is good enough for Amazon, the number one web retailer, how is it that it isn’t good enough for all the rest of these guys.