Relatives. A fun game to play on the net is to see what you can find out about your relatives. Extra points for obscurity. Not an exhaustive list below but some fun things I found out about my relatives:

Grandfather Cleo is a great supporter of the 4-H organization: “4-H gave me an opportunity for accomplishment, boosted my ego and brought me out of my shell of shyness and unworthiness.” — Cleo Ludwig, Founder, L & K Restaurants.

Sister Laura is easy to find — tons of mentions due to her job at the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Ditto Cousin Carolyn.

Cousin John had a stint with the Reds! Cool.

Cousin Susan’s efforts are apparently appreciated by the Franklin Country Democrats. While her husband Erick is a member in good standing of the Buckeye Beemers.

Brother-in-law Garry Curren is on the all-time all-OAC team! And is a heck of a dog trainer. Speaking of dogs, Aunt Carrie is a huge dog lover too.

Check out the high school/middle school photo of Dad — Pictures, near the bottom of the page, open the one named Paul Ludwig (if you can’t find it there, try here). And the high school pics of Rosemary and Garry!

No picture for Mom, but she and dad are appreciated by the United Way.

Cousin Rob is well known in Norwalk — home of the Hen House.

Gosh sorry for being gone so long

Gosh sorry for being gone so long

This is a super busy season for us — Thanksgiving, then L’s birthday on 11/20, then C’s birthday on 12/5, then J’s birthday on 12/15. Of course, Christmas and New Year’s coming.

Birthday highlights — L is heading to the Jingle Bell Bash tonight with her friends for a big night out. Should be major fun. J took his group of friends to the local lasertag emporium — I think I enjoyed that as much as anyone. And on C’s birthday, the Christmas ships stopped in front of our house and did their annual carol concert — wonderful timing.

Volleyball continues to keep L busy. Her high school team had their end of season awards banquet on Friday, and L won the Coach’s Award for the third year running, and she won awards for having the best service percentage and the greatest number of assists. Oh and she was named to the first team league all-star team. She is also getting busy now with her club volleyball team.

Yesterday we all attended a Christmas singalong with the Choral Arts Northwest troupe at the symphony hall here in Seattle. A great time, C and I both loved their rendition of “still, still, still”. There is something about a great choir performance that is so uplifting.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Whistle While You Work I

Whistle While You Work

I wish I had the time of an 11 year old.

John spent nearly every waking moment this past weekend learning how to whistle. He made pretty good progress — Friday night all he could produce was a breathy puffing sound. By Sunday he was able to make a reasonable whistle, tho he can’t vary the tone much yet. I guess that is next weekend’s goal.

We of course are all going insane.