Recent books — and stuff I should read

* “Beyond Oil”:amazon by Deffeyes. Excellent, breezy book looking at the production and supply issues behind oil and all other energy sources, by a very smart scientist. An essential read if you care about energy policy. It is difficult not to be an advocate of nuclear power after reading this.
* “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”:amazon by Weatherford. A reasonably engaging history of genghis khan and the mongol empire. Sadly neglected in the history I was taught. One wonders how the world might have turned if just a few events had gone differently — the spread of the plague, the japanese invasion, the indonesian invasion.
* “The Ruins”:amazon by Scott Smith. Stephen king-esque. A little slow to start but finishes with a bang. Tho I never really cared about the characters.

Oh and stuff I should be reading — Marginal Revolution’s recommended reading list for PhD Macroeconomics.

Grabbag of links

* Via | Gadgetopia, — online reference for a bunch of different languages. nice.
* Martin points to a great doc on how brazil achieved oil independence
* First 100+megapixel sensorrich here is your next camera.
* Watching electrons go by. Awesome. Also awesome — Flipping a surface from sticky to slippery.
* From Chris Pirillo, inflight USB charger — if you use your video ipod a lot, you need this.
* Bob intros pachydrm.orgopen source drm
* Microsoft starts letting the community rate drivers — great idea.
* Must try Flock again.
* Letting your xbox blog.

Catching up with Martin

Catching up with all of Martin’s postings:

* Responding to the negative energy balance FUD around biodiesel — good stuff
* Seattle leading way to embrace Kyoto — great news. I think we’re way behind in fully embracing eco-friendly industrial policies in this country. Put it this way — if you want to defend your economy and markets from high growth, emerging producers — raising the eco-bar way high is probably a good thing to do. Emerging producers may be able to produce basic high volume goods cheaply, but it will take them a while to catch up with highly-engineered green goods and services.
* Martin discovers process modelling software — I have no real use for these tools but they are incredibly fun to play with.
* Current supply and demand numbers — fuel prices are only going one way.
* From Bits to Barrels — Martin’s contribution to SNS, journaling his transformation into the John D. Rockefeller of the next century :). Hey martin, go read “Titan”.