How can Fry’s have so much of nothing I need?

Today’s experience at Fry’s — I’m trying to set up a MythTV box and I need a cable splitter so that I can continue to use my normal TiVO box. And since this is all digital cable, HD quality, I need the large bandwidth splitter, not the crappy old splitters you find anywhere.

So of course, Fry’s has a huge selection of <900Mhz coax splitters and RG59 cable, and right in the prime display area for their TV component section. All of which is useless. And a teeny number of 2G splitters hidden up the aisle. "We specialize in parts that don't work with most cable/satellite installs and will just frustrate the hell out of you!" They could cut their floorspace and staff in half if they'd just stock products that might actually work. Who exactly is served by all these crappy parts? I bet 90% of the customers who buy the old splitters return them when they realize they won't work. Or maybe it is all a scheme to get people to pay for professional install.