Got Drobo working

A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Not too happy with my Drobo — I did finally get a support call with Drobo and they got it working. I had to go twiddle a BIOS setting having to do with legacy USB support. The Drobo folks claim this is the BIOS manufacturer’s fault and assert that other mass storage USB devices will fail as well. However I have had no problems with a variety of generic USB housings and with a LaCie box so I don’t think the Drobo folks have this really figured out yet. Additionally the Drobo software decided to grab drive M for their use which was bad as I already had a network drive mapped to M. So that was chunky and painful.

The box seems to work fine now tho.

Power strips

Why do all power strips have to be so ugly? I saw one in a downtown window that appeared to be a tower of cast stained concrete and it looked great. Why can’t you buy these anywhere? I am sick of the crappy plastic choices available. There is innovation to permit more transformers to plug in, and innovation to be more “green”, but why can’t these things look better? Is molded plastic really the only choice?

Absolute Black TVs

Pioneer’s Kuro Plasma Will Deliver Absolute Black — Contrast Ratio Is ‘Officially Irrelevant’ | Gadget Lab from — I’d like this, I hate the grayish emissions from most of my screens.

Too bad for them that their black has already been trumped — new “blackest” material — “You could think of a material that basically collects all the light that falls into it” — oh my gosh we are manufacturing black holes now, I knew this nanotech stuff was dangerous.

Christmas gift awesomeness

* The “Kindle”:amazon is awesome. The awesomeness is due to the wireless delivery of books. And the fact that I can browse Amazon at my PC and direct books to my Kindle with one click. (Similarly, the Unbox/Tivo integration is awesome for the same reason — Amazon is silently building a great asset here). The book selection is soooo much broader than that for the Sony Reader.
* Call of Duty 4 is awesome. the ranking/challenge system keeps you engaged. Haven’t cracked the UT box yet, so entranced with COD4 — must get to 5-star general.
* Stupid little RC helicopters that we got are fun. Available from lots of vendors. Pretty uncontrollable, watch out lamps!

Everything else is awesome too! I will blog it all in the fullness of time.

Stuff I want but do not need — gear edition

* Fujifilm Professional Photography – Products – Cameras – Digital Cameras: Fujifilm IS Pro — UV and IR photography, awesome.
* Blaupunkt car stereo accepts flash media — this seems pretty cool.
* Infolink GE phone — landlines start to catch up finally with cell phones for data services
* Car power strip — pretty handy. And plug one of these flashlights into one of the sockets.
* Sliding bolt combo lock. No more keys for the shed.
* Red One digital videocamera. Clearly overkill for anything I will ever do in my life.
* One headset to rule them all — skype, landline, cell. I am actually confused how this really works but seems cool.
* A bizarre little lamp from philips
* Night vision monocular

Stuff I should have blogged a while ago

* Need a new tiny PC for carrying around — OQO 2.0? One of the small Sonys? I don’t need a desktop replacement, just something small for classroom/cafe use. If it is big, I won’t carry it.
* Need to set up an Amazon store. Maybe for Halloween.
* Microsoft Robotics Software — interesting, tho it requires download of so much crap.
* Mic zooming HD cameras.
* The annoying need for notepad paste. I do this and it’s graphic friend “paintbrush paste” all the freaking time.
* How to get slickrun to activate with Windows-R
* Photostamps. Personalized stamps. Another good halloween or xmas idea
* Aboutus. Intriguing.