Marcelo articulates the case for an online IDE

“The Future of Software Development Will Be Online”: — very nice articulation from Marcelo on the need for a browser-based IDE.

Tho I think calling it “browser-based” kind of confuses the issue. Do I really want my IDE to be in a browser, or my spreadsheet or presentation package to be in a browser? I’m not really in love with my browser UI, but that is not the point. For me, the #1 feature I need for productivity apps these days is ubiquitous availability. I need to use them at work, at home, on the road, from my iPad, my phone, my Mac, my PC, wherever. I will give up a lot of features to get ubiquitous availability. And I get to move the backup burden to someone else — my machines all become stateless, I can replace them tomorrow and become instantly productive. This is all super goodness.

And from the comments, “cloud9”: looks like the cloud IDE to try — looks awesome.

No time to blog, so here’s a link roundup

* “Cutting the Cord on Cable”: Wish I could get there but live HD sports still keeps me stuck to cable/satellite provider. I’ve tried the streaming options and they are weak — poor selection of games/sources (I need ESPN/ABC channels + BTN + Fox Sports channels + upcoming Pac12 network), lots of stutter, not HD content. I will probably be one of the last cable subscribers in the country.
* “Men with deep voices lack sperm”: I was a tenor in choir.
* “Do programming puzzles in interviews work?”: I don’t think I’ve ever asked these kinds of questions, or at least not in 20 years.
* “Gamification sucks”: Respect your users.
* “The Verge”: and “The Wirecutter”: — good tech sites.
* “If you are busy, you are doing something wrong”:
* “10 new-ish programming languages”: WOuld like to learn more about Chapel, haXe, X10, OPA.
* “DSLRs are a dying breed”: Not another “camera phones are going to win” article, but a smarter take on the mirrorless trend.