Why I Blog

I blog for myself. The site is my annotated bookmarks and my longterm memory. I search it regularly to find that certain halloween prop idea, that book I read, that software I tried. I don’t care much about my readership, though I have gotten a lot of value from readers — software suggestions, reconnects from old friends, business proposals.

I originally intended to use my blog to communicate with family but the lack of simple privacy solutions killed that.

Contacting Me

Email address is on the banner of the page. AIM works too, and SMS if you know my cell.

Comments on the blog are fine too.

Don’t bother calling tho (unless I’ve agreed to a. scheduled call). I won’t pick up unless you are a blood relative.

Past Affiliations

While at Ignition, I’ve served on the board of Avogadro (since purchased by Openwave) and Wildseed (since purchased by AOL).

Prior to Ignition I worked at Microsoft, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Marion Power Shovel (no longer operating), and L&K Restaurants (no longer operating).  While at Microsoft, I worked at various times on MSN, Internet Explorer, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, and LAN Manager, along with a host of other things.

I’m an alum of Carnegie-Mellon University, The Ohio State University, and Marion Harding High School.

Also I am glad I’ve been on an Outward Bound trip.