I was President of Automotive Products at Xevo, a subsidiary of Lear.  I was a founder of, purchased by Xevo.

Prior to that I was a founder of Ignition Partners. While at Ignition, I served on the board of Avogadro (since purchased by Openwave), Wildseed (since purchased by AOL), Pure Networks (purchased by Cisco), Judy’s Book (founded by Andy Sack and Chris Devore, now of Seattle Techstars fame), and Fat Spaniel (purchased by Power-One).

Prior to Ignition I worked at Microsoft, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Marion Power Shovel(no longer operating), and L&K Restaurants (no longer operating). While at Microsoft, I worked at various times on MSN, Internet Explorer, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, and LAN Manager, along with a host of other things.

I’m an alum of University of Washington, Carnegie-Mellon University, The Ohio State University, and Marion Harding High School.

I’ve lived in Marion, OH; Columbus; Pittsburgh; Cleveland; Seattle area; and sometimes the San Juan Islands. I’ve travelled to most US states, most Canadian provinces, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Japan, China, Thailand, Korea. I aspire to get to South America, eastern Europe, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and many more…

Also I am glad I’ve been on an Outward Bound trip.

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