My primary email address is john AT theludwigs DOT com, tho a bunch of others work.

Text if you know my cell; don’t bother calling tho (unless I’ve agreed to a scheduled call). I won’t pick up unless you are a blood relative.

Twitter @jhludwig.

Comments on the blog are fine too.

4 thoughts to “Contact”

  1. You can grab tomorrow’s NYT as soon as it’s available by tapping the “+” in the Puzzle List and tapping tomorrow’s date. We’re looking at adding it to the ‘recent puzzles’ download, which is what I think you’re (not unreasonably) expecting. Please let me know if you have any other issues!


  2. A LinkedIn email noting your post was clickbait for me on a snowy Sunday in RI. I hope all is well. Glad to see you’re still close to the Buckeyes…another great year, though a tough ending.
    All the best,

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