A personal health journey, software industry observations, and network tools – things I learned this week


Well my normal reading and learning cycle has been turned sideways over the last two weeks as I have had the chance to learn about Eisenhower Healthseptic arthritisstaphylococcus aureusvancomycinrocephinarthroscopyPICC lines vs midlines, the travel nurse industry.  And I got to meet some very nice health care providers — nurses, NAs, physicians, PAs, emergency medical personnel, orthopedic speciailists, infectious disease specialists.  And accumulated another story about the stupidity of our insurance industry — thank goodness my physicisans fought thru the idiotic insurance rules. I will vote for nearly anything that puts an end to the current health insurance system.  I am on the mend and hopefully past this learning

Software Industry

Benedict Evans has a nice article on software eating the world — and how, once the transformation of an industry is complete and IP has moved to software, the key issues for the business become industry specific issues and not software issues.  Food for thought — I’ve seen companies think that they need to become software companies to thrive and survive, but actually maybe they just need to become aggressive users of software.

One entrepreneur’s journey and the painful lessons he learned.  Not unrelated to above point.  More of us need to write up our failures and what we learned — I will ruminate on this.

Scott Galloway is optimistic about a coming boom in entrepreneurship.  It does seem like capital is going to remain loose for all kinds of businesses — not just software, but bio, green tech, etc.  Exciting times.  

Scott is refreshingly honest in his piece that he struggles to understand the current crypto tech opportunities.  I am there too.  I did find this piece on DAOs to be challenging and interesting.

Ben Thompson in his Stratechery newsletter writes about Clubhouse and he mentioned one thing that really resonated with me — “it’s only a matter of time before a secondary market of play-by-play announcers develops, and not only for sports: anything that is happening can be narrated and discussed.”   This seems quite interesting.  In the sports arena, there is a tricky technical problem to sync a play by play with the streaming video given that the many video distribution platforms have variant lags, and this will be triply hard if random users can call in from the internet.  But super interesting idea, as a sports enthusiast I might very well be interesting in higher quality play by plays and alternative views.

Network Tools

LAN software was where I started my software career and I still have a soft spot for network software.  (I had a choice when I joined Microsoft — join what would become the VB group, or join the LAN Manager group.  Joining Microsoft was a bit of a career restart for me, and I chose the technology that I knew the least about, where I would learn the most).

Tailscale seems awesome, and as soon as I am back at full speed, I am going to try it out.   Wi-fi Sweetspots is a helpful iOS tool for measuring network strength.  And iAnalyze WiFi on OSX is very nice looking.


There are a huge number of decorative and creative book shelf inserts like these.  I might tire of them but would be super fun at holiday time.