Ludwig, Digital Twins, Domains, CP, Notes, and more — things I learned this week

Ego Surfing

You can pip install ludwig .  No relation.  sammck noted: “jesus it sucks in a lot of packages”.

Various and sundry cloud technologies

Azure has a notion of “digital twins” as part of its IoT solution, there are similar ideas around the AWS IoT platform.  I have never found this abstraction to help me.  Ian Mercer has some excellent observations about the issues around digital twins.  I wonder if the “digital twin” terminology is actually doing us a great disservice — in no way are the cloud and physical representations the same thing.  In the cloud you a desired state, a history of communications with the device, and the mapping of the logical to physical device, and on the edge the physical device rests in its actual state.  Calling this assemblage “twins” just doesn’t seem helpful.

I’ve been getting ads from Unstoppable Domains in my twitter feed.  Confusion.  A completely separate namespace than DNS domains, so they aren’t really domains, and aren’t useful anywhere except in apps that have wired in support for Unstoppables namespace.  I have no idea why anyone would want this or would part with money for it. 

Continuous profiling — a smart and natural idea.   

Knowledge Tools

I continue to be very interesting in personal tools to collect ideas, order and relate ideas, and do my own writing about ideas.  I could certainly use more help and discipline in note taking, here are some excellent ideas.


Dazzle camouflage.  Which sent me down a rathole about the history of paint and the history of house painting.  Humans have been painting for a long time.

The “clo” unit for measuring clothing insulation value.  I had no idea this existed.

In 1930, Indiana Bell rotated an office building 90° while it remained in use.