Good fortune, schizoprenia, compensation, sextuple star systems, being boring — things I learned this week

My last day at Xevo is tomorrow. I’ve been reflecting this week on how fortunate I have been to work with so many great people.  I met some great people on the path thru to Xevo to Lear, and I hope I get to work with some of them again.   I will not remember the details of various technical and business decisions, but I will remember the people and the great interactions.

Early treatments for schizophrenia included ingestion of cocaine, manganese, and castor oil; injections of animal blood and oil of turpentine; gassed with CO2 or O2; insulin-induced comas.  And of course lobotomy. We look back at that and shake our heads. What medical treatments or other practices are we doing now that we will look back on negatively? At every point in our history we have looked back and judged our former selves, this point in time is no different.

The highest ranking generals/admirals in the US Armed Forces make about $200K a year.  Those are huge, important, stressful jobs.  Makes one wonder about executive salaries.  

Scientists have found a sextuply eclipsing sextuple star system.  I just love that sentence.

Make boring plans, choose boring technology.  Of course these ideas have been around, as I reflect on my most recent startup journey, I certainly learned that you have to be very thoughtful and selective about risk, and on many fronts you should choose the boring path.