Recent Books — Noumenon, Stephen King, Reacher, Tropic of Kansas, When Paris Went Dark

  • Noumenon and Noumenon Infinity by Marina Lostetter. A space exploration trip returns to Earth after centuries away and can barely relate to the evolved human culture. And so on. Fun.
  • The Institute by Stephen King. Very average Stephen King. So still highly entertaining but not amazing.
  • The Midnight Line by Lee Child. Another Jack Reacher book, a very good one, dealing with a missing veteran who may be a criminal or a hero or both.
  • Tropic of Kansas by Christopher Brown. A fascist nationalist leader arises in the US in the 1980s. Years later we follow along as young rebels try to undo the damage. Very entertaining.
  • When Paris Went Dark by Ronald Rosbottom. Paris during the WWII occupation — what happened to the city and the citizens. Some dark times.