Recent Books — Eggshells, Misterioso, Rock and Roll…, Buffalo Soldier, Dorsey, Montaigne

  • Eggshells by Caitriona Lally. An odd woman in Dublin tries to connect with the world, or escape the world. Tiring.
  • Misterioso by Arne Dahl.  Another Swedish mystery.  Characters seem very cold.  Either A) Swedes are really different, or B) the author has made them seem really different by intent or lack of effort, or C) the translator has done a poor job.
  • Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life by Steve Almond.  A book about rock and roll by a guy who clearly loves music. You can’t help but get drawn in by the author’s enthusiasm.
  • Buffalo Soldier by Maurice Broaddus.  Steampunk tale of a man and boy on the run through a very different North America.  Entertaining, brief.
  • Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey.  I am told by a great friend that this book nails the characters you meet every day in Florida, but I wouldn’t know, and don’t really enjoy farce.
  • How to Live by Sarah Bakewell.  There may be a time in my life when I want to understand the slow introspection of Montaigne, and it may be a sad commentary on me, but I just can’t get into this.