Recent Books — Darkling Sea, Guest Room, Bring Me Back, Army of None, How Fascism Works

  • A Darkling Sea by James L. Cambias.  Ugh, how did this thing get decent reviews?  Reads like Asimov from early 70s which I enjoyed when I was 12 but hasn’t aged well.
  • The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian.  Sad story about human trafficking and its victims, wrapped up inside a suspense novel.  A little uncomfortable at times, human trafficking is an ugly business.
  • Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris.  Marketed as a great beach read, at first I thought this was an engaging tale, and then I realized that the two protagonists are possibly the two stupidest people I have ever encountered in a novel.  Abandoned.
  • Army of None by Paul Scharre,  An examination of the issues around autonomous weapons.  Mixed feelings.  Some of the writing is very clumsy, but the discussion of the human/weapons systems integration issues are interesting.
  • How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley.  A catalog of the mechanics of fascism (and an examination of how they are being used today).  Depressing.