Books — Origin Story, New York 2140, Everything Trump Touches Dies

  • Origin Story by David Christian.  Great story about the long waves of development over the entire course of history.  Focusing just on the human development part of the story, human societal development has been characterized by increasing energy consumption and increasing levels of complexity to both consume energy and to find energy.  The tale falls down a little in the last chapter though as he shifts from the story of increasing energy consumption, and now asserts that everything has to change.  But still a good read.
  • New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I don’t think Robinson is a great story teller or a great builder of characters, and the book was overly long, but still an interesting exploration of what our lives might be like 100+ years from now as we deal with climate change.
  • Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson.  This quote near the end says it all:  “Everything about Donald Trump’s presidency and character is a disaster for America.  The victories Republicans think they have achieved are transitory and ephemeral and come at the cost of their principles and, probably, their immortal souls.  He is a stain on the party, on conservatism, and on this country that won’t easily wash out.”  And that is the most temperate thing Wilson says about Trump.