Recent Books — Scoreboard Baby, Red Rising, Need to Know, The Humans, Broken River, Go

  • Scoreboard, Baby by Ken Armstrong & Nick Perry. The inside story on the UW football team in the early 2000s, pretty shocking and awful.  I am sure this level of corruption has happened at other programs too.
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown.  Start of a series set in the far future of our solar system. All the near habitable planets and moons are terraformed, a rigid authoritarian society is in place, and an uprising starts at the lowest levels of Martian society.  Fun.
  • Need To Know by Karen Cleveland.  A LOT of fun.  A CIA analyst discovers her husband might be a Russian mole, and things get complicated as she tries to protect her life while more and more of the onion gets peeled away.
  • The Humans by Matt Haig.  A scientist makes a mathematical breakthrough which will transform our society, triggering the arrival of aliens who decide that humans aren’t ready for this knowledge.
  • Broken River by J. Robert Lennon.  Crimes and misdeeds swirl around a house in upstate New York.  Eventually pretty much everyone is threatened with death or is dead.  Fun!
  • Introducing Go by Caleb Doxsey.  Very short intro to golang.  A bit thin.