Recent Books — Louise Penny, Chickenshit Club, Black Bolt

  • Still Life by Louise Penny.  Great start to this series, homicide in the Quebec countryside.  I feel like I have read another in this series but can find no evidence of it.
  • Glass Houses by Louise Penny.  And the latest in her series, also excellent.
  • The Chickenshit Club by Jesse Eisinger.  The premise is good and there is some interesting detail in here, but the book loses its way in the detail.   I expected to be angry about corporate crime and lack of consequences after reading this book, but I just felt kind of tired.
  • Black Bolt by Saladin Ahmed.  I dip into graphic novels every once in a while to see what is up.  This one got great reviews.  It was just ok for me, a little difficult to relate to the characters or situation.