Trying out a game camera, didn’t realize how varied this segment was

We don’t hunt but we like to observe the critters around us.  Trying out the Bushnell Aggressor — no idea if it is the best, but got decent reviews, and we wanted the cellular capability.

Bushnell offers its own portal at and also includes a trial offer for Deerlab which seems to have a bunch more features.  The device also comes with a 30 day wireless trial plan and notifies via text or email of new captures, and apparently you can extend the data plan without a contract which is nice..  It can be configured to capture video or pictures as desired.  It uses an impressive 12 AA batteries but apparently can also be hooked up to a solar panel.

The first critter it spotted is not surprising or particularly alarming!  I will deploy it in a location more likely to see deer, otter, mink, etc in the future.