No you should not install 3rd party AV software

Between this news and the Kapersky revelations last week, I think the strategy most people should follow for their personal pcs is clear.

  • Don’t visit sketchy sites that are offering you free software, free movies, etc.  And never download software offering the same.  “If you aren’t the customer, you are the product.”
  • Don’t install 3rd party AV/Security software, this software digs into the heart of your system and just creates another source of vulnerabilities.
  • Do accept all patches from your OS vendor — Microsoft or Apple. You should probably allow them to auto patch your system without your intervention.  You have already thrown your lot in with them, why hold back.
  • Do run the latest OS from your OS vendor.  That is where their best and brightest people are working.

Microsoft and Apple have a gajillion people working on security, it is in their interest to protect their products from attacks, you should align yourself with them.