IoT Provisioning tools — which are most cost effective?

Particle —, AWS —, Resin — — wonder which of these are most cost effective.

2 thoughts to “IoT Provisioning tools — which are most cost effective?”

  1. Sort of depends on what are you really doing, especially because this three seems to be quite different / complementary.
    I guess, Particle – deployment, certain set of hardware and lightweight focus, Resin – deployment, more general devices/applications, but usually also higher power requirements, AWS/IoT – data and analytics layer that can be integrated with either of the former.

  2. Thx. I didn’t realize particle was specific to one set of hardware, another observer also pointed that out. Scratch that. The aws features are nice to have but feel like just a domain specific database. The resin features, particularly managing deployment to heterogeneous hw, seem a little closer to what I need.

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