Recent Books — Road to Character, Matchbox Theatre, Mists of Avalon, Pirate Hunters, Shadow Divers


  • The Road to Character by David Brooks. The opening essay (largely reprinted in the NY Times a while back) was terrific, but the character studies themselves were only OK. I would have preferred to see some more contemporary stories. Tho the message got through — building great character doesn’t come easily to anyone, it is a lifelong daily struggle, confronting and overcoming the weaker parts of your nature.
  • Matchbox Theatre by Michael Frayn. A quick read, some gems, but grew a little old.
  • The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Been on the shelf forever. Good read from a very different viewpoint, I’m not sure I could have waded thru yet another typical retelling of the story.
  • Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. Great true story about deep sea divers after a mysterious U-boat. Great characters, life and death drama, an excellent window into a world I knew little about.
  • Pirate Hunters by Robert Kurson. An attempt to capture the magic again of Shadow Divers. A fine story but pales next to Shadow Divers.