College football doldrums weekend — let’s look at 2015 schedules

While we wait for the bowl season to kick off, what to do, what to do.

Interesting to look at 2015 schedules. Given how the playoff selection worked out — with conference championship game winners having a clear advantage, and non-FBS games dragging teams down, look at who is in trouble for making the 2015 playoffs already:

  • Big 12 teams. No championship game, and games like Baylor-Lamar, K State-UTSA, K State-South Dakota, TCU-SFA, WVU-Liberty, WVU-Georgia Southern. These teams start out with two strikes against them, they have no margin for error. Only an undefeated Big 12 team has a hope of making the playoff.
  • ACC — Clemson-Wofford, FSU-Texas State, FSU-Chattanooga, Louisville-Samford, VT-Furman. One strike against, these teams better hope they look good the rest of the season.
  • Pac12 — Oregon-Georgia State, UW-Sacramento State, AZ-UTSA, AZ-Northern AZ, ASU-Cal Poly, USC-Idaho.
  • SEC — because of these perceived strength of the SEC, most of these schools will probably get a pass on playing one FCS opponent, tho they should be embarrassed. But Georgia and Auburn both load up with two, not going to help them.

WIll be interesting to see if any schedule changes happen for 2015 or 2016. If I was an AD of a serious team, I’d be looking to eliminate this cruft.

3 thoughts to “College football doldrums weekend — let’s look at 2015 schedules”

  1. I’d like to see schedules taken away from the schools and set up more like the NFL system. They’d play 12 games, but 4 would be against similarly ranked teams in the other 4 Power conferences. 5 would be against conference rivals (scheduled by the conference) and 3 could remain scheduled by the schools themselves.

    Then I’d like to see an 8 team playoff, with all 5 Power Conference teams along with the next 3 ranked teams. I think that winning your conference should be job 1, and if you aren’t ranked in the top 8, and can’t win your own conference, you have no business getting a shot at the National Championship.

    In this case the Buckeyes schedule might have looked like:

    Clemson (ACC)
    Oklahoma (Big 12)
    Alabama (SEC)
    Oregon (Pac 12)
    Michigan State (B1G)
    Michigan (B1G)
    Rutgers (B1G)
    Maryland (B1G)
    Penn State (B1G)
    Cincinnati (school option)
    Kent State (school option)
    Navy (school option)

  2. Despite your best efforts to find SEC bias, neither Georgia or Auburn are scheduled to play TWO FCS opponents in 2015. In Georgia’s case, ULM and Georgia Southern are FBS material. In Auburn’s case, Idaho and San Jose State are FBS class opponents. I am not defending the quality of these four opponents, merely suggesting that you check your facts jack.

  3. i stand corrected. georgia and auburn are playing a less crappy schedule than i thought. but now that the sec west has been exposed in bowl season, who cares.

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