What can you do if you have 10 or 100 computers in the room with you?

3.8M Raspberry Pis sold and apparently the pace is accelerating. I’ve got 8 sitting on my desk right now.

For well over a year, we’ve been asking ourselves “What could we do if we had 5 cheap computers on our desk or in the room? 15? 50?”

It is an exciting problem to think about. It certainly feels like the early days of the PC industry all over again.

Anyway, we are now ready to scale up our team, we are hiring. Drop us a note if you:

  • are excited about Raspberry Pis, the internet of things, embedded systems, and pervasive computing
  • have 2-5 years of hands-on experience in software development, preferably system level
  • have background with linux systems development, mobile development, or cloud/web development
  • as a bonus, have experience with image processing or computer vision
  • are interested in being part of small dynamic focused collaborative no-nonsense team
  • and are excited about joining an early stage startup with experienced technical and venture management

We are in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.