Self hosting!

It has been a little rocky but we are finally self-hosting this week. It is going to probably be a disaster but I was reminded of this post today:

Have your team and yourself start using that minimum viable product, every day, all day long. This is way more than mere software development: it’s your whole life. If you aren’t living in the software you’re building, each day, every day, all day … things are inevitably going to end in tears for everyone involved. And honestly, if I have to explain this to you, guess what? You’re screwed.

The need to self-host using real customer configurations as soon as possible was “beaten” into me during my formative years in the software business (thanks Brad), and it is a vital step and exciting step.

I was most excited today because I accidentally left the system running and came back 3 hours later and it was still churning away! That is a great sign.

BTW if you want to help…we are hiring…drop me a note.