I just paved over my last Windows install

I’ve kept a home-built Windows box around for years tho most of my work has shifted to Apple and Linux platforms. But I still had some strange emotional tie, and I still played a Steam game on a regular basis.

But as you can tell from my lack of posting, real work has displaced blogging and game-playing. And the unusability of Windows 8 broke any other attachment I had.

I needed another Ubuntu box for testing, so I just paved over Windows 8 tonight. No real sadness, I left the platform long ago, but still a passing. I had a nice beer and we watched “The Good Wife” to celebrate.

2 thoughts to “I just paved over my last Windows install”

  1. Now if you had paved over Windows for Workgroups that would have been a real tragedy, I still have (from the first shipments) shrink wrapped Windows 3.1, so we can crack that open. I also have recovered a vintage machine that should be able to run it all!

  2. I’m a long time Ubuntu user also – I even learned to like Unity (mostly) – my last two laptops, I didn’t even bother to turn on before inserting the Ubuntu installation thumb drive (who wants to go through the pain of a Windows update cycle if they don’t have to? ) . Because of my current job I have to keep a Windows system around, but the native KVM system works great for that. Current fun includes running CoreOS on the two old servers hiding in the closet.

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