I’m starting to care more about my LinkedIn profile

IMG_0130I didn’t really want to, I don’t use LinkedIn much, but we are hiring a couple people for the stealth startup I am working on, and I am starting to see traffic to my profile that might be related to job search. And so I am starting to think my profile should look better (thought I haven’t done a thing about), and I considered paying for a higher grade of LinkedIn service so that I could see who was pinging me. But, wow, $240 a year for LinkedIn business service?? That explains their lofty valuation I guess. That is a very rich price to expect of every business professional, the marginal cost to provide the service is effectively $0. I’d worry that this price will drive substitution, it is certainly making me think about that. I need to get a lot more for my $240 than they are offering.

Who else gets $240 a year from business professionals for a software/communications service? When a corporation rolls this up for all their sales and marketing people, how are they going to feel about it? I am sure there is a corporate discount plan tho.

3 thoughts to “I’m starting to care more about my LinkedIn profile”

  1. yeah, it’s too expensive IMO. Perhaps they figure its like The Economist and most companies will just pay for it…but odd since most people use it to leave their current company!

    There is an $8 a month plan which they never talk about and is not easy to find. It’s called Personal Plus. It might work for you as it allows some tracking. FYI:

    good luck with the startup 😉

  2. the UGC fallacy – Yelp being the worst example, since you really have to pay them, or your reviews go down the drain… think of it as protection money, internet pizzo… good luck on your startup, would love to hear about it…

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