Aim high, Ultraviolet, Aim High

Over the holidays I had to create an Ultraviolet account. I was trying to watch a movie on our new XBOX One and I could only find it on the Vudu provider, and so first I had to create a Vudu account, and then that chained into having to create an Ultraviolet account. No idea why all this fuss was required, and I didn’t really know what Ultraviolet was for, but we got to watch our movie.

Now one month in, I get a piece of marketing spam from Ultraviolet, and now it is all clear:

Imagine … the freedom to access your movies and TV shows through many retailers

Wow. Mind blown. What a world that would be. I am so thrilled and excited. It sounds so much better than the 20 other legal or not-so-legal ways to watch videos. And I am so glad that retailers are fully involved, that sounds like it is going to be so much better for me.