Javascript is the worst tool ever. Actually every tool is unhappy in its own way.

Javascript tools suck, all the sample code on the web is invariably wrong in some way, variable scoping as practiced is horrible, debugging is terrible. And I am just focused on a single browser target! I’ve spent a day chasing after some pass-by-reference and scoping problem. Grrr.

Of course when I spend a day on Objective-C problems, I am pretty convinced it is the worst tool ever with its bloviated syntax and huge masses of obsolete sample code.

And when I spend a day on python I get so cranky about crappy IDEs and crappy debuggers and crappy library documentation.

The only constant is me, probably I am doing it all wrong, regardless of the environment.

5 thoughts to “Javascript is the worst tool ever. Actually every tool is unhappy in its own way.”

  1. I think it’s now all about finding the “least wrong tool for the job” – JS is awful but for some lightweight stuff I’d rather do that than grapple with Objective-C’s nonsense and memory management. Some homies turned me on to IntelliJ’s IDE WebStorm which helps writing and debugging somewhat with JS, PHP, and perhaps other languages, too. And the Chrome debugger seems to me significantly more helpful than that of any other browser.
    I have eventually figured out some best practices for JS but large projects across multiple source files are pretty painful.

  2. Rob, righto, best too, for the job. I tried the IntelliJ SDE for python and thought it was not very helpful, but i should try again for JS. Agree Chrome is the best. A very smart guy recommended that I use Coffeescript and compile down to JS, that seems interesting — Coffeescript has a lot of modern features and I see there is a chrome debugger for it. have you tried?

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