Barnes and Noble (@BNBuzz), can’t you at least try?

5 people in line waiting to pay at Barnes & Noble Bellevue vs 1 chatty cashier. 1 Nooklehead standing over at the Nook stand doing nothing while we are all trying to give the store money.

I finally called the store and asked whoever answered to come up front and help, they said they were busy with a customer. When it was finally my turn the clerk spent 1 minute on the script trying to get me to sign up for their loyalty card — not understanding that the last thing I want to do is buy more books here.

So many things wrong here. As a start, give the idle Nook dude a square reader and let him do check outs on the Nook. Giving him something to do, a chance for me to handle a Nook, and completing my transaction more speedily.

One thought to “Barnes and Noble (@BNBuzz), can’t you at least try?”

  1. I really dislike B & N’s online ordering system. In order to use a gift card, you must have a credit card on file. My two daughters use the account for their nooks. There is no way I will leave a credit card on file because their is always a risk of them losing their nooks.

    Apple, on the other hand allows an iTunes account to be set up using a gift card. So, if the account is compromised, I am out no more that 10 bucks.

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